Monday, January 09, 2006

Stories from Coe: Cleaning Greene

This semester, one of our student-led Bible studies on campus decided to put their faith into action. They had been studying Jesus’ parable of the ten minas in Luke 19, and had been struck by how the first servant’s investment must have been really risky in order to turn one mina into ten. So they decided to do something a little risky themselves.

It was a typical Saturday in Greene Hall (the guy’s dorm where the fraternities are housed) – empty pizza boxes scattered down the hall, trash cans overturned, beer bottles spilling out onto the floor. The InterVarsity students got together and began to clean. They cleaned and mopped the hallways, they picked up and vacuumed dorm rooms. They washed dishes, and took out the trash. They went around and collected laundry from people and did over 20 loads! Afterwards, they bought pizza for some of the guys.

The residents of Greene were blown away by the extravagant effort to serve them. The IV students made sure to tell them that they had been studying the Bible together and just trying to do what Jesus Himself would do. They wanted the focus not to be on themselves, but how amazing Jesus is. Please pray with me that such serving would continue to characterize our fellowship, and that it would result in more lives given over to Jesus.


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