Monday, January 09, 2006

Stories from Coe: Four new Christians!

God has been at work here at Coe. Last month, I took Jamie, one of our student leaders down to the University of Iowa for some training in evangelism, and we had the opportunity to lead an Iowa student to Christ. This so motivated Jamie that when she returned to Coe, she decided to share the Gospel with some of her friends that she had been reaching out to over the past semester. As a result, three more students have made first time decisions for Jesus in one week! One of them is a guy who has been attending Bible study for the past month, and was a part of the Greene cleaning day. He has been really excited to learn about Jesus, and has now decided to give his life to Him. The other two are Japanese international students (pictured). They had been meeting regularly with Jamie to investigate Christianity, and on hearing the Gospel, they responded enthusiastically. Soon they will return to Japan and bring the Good News with them. Praise God for His goodness and faithfulness, and celebrate with us as we welcome these new believers into the Kingdom!


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