Friday, February 10, 2006

Prayer Requests

Here are some prayer requests for those of you out there who want to pray for our fellowship at Coe. I hope to periodically post new requests and of course answers as well!
  • In a few weeks, the chapter at the university of Iowa is hosting an outreach to the campus and our fellowship will be travelling down to help them. We will be inviting students to watch a Nooma video and then participating in discussion groups about the goodness of God. Pray that God would bless the ministry at U-I, and would help us grow in love for lost
  • Pray for growth. We have experienced God do many things recently, and I would love to see that translate into a bigger group. We currently have about 20-25 students regularly involved, but there are many more that need to learn about Jesus and experience His love. Pray that God would use us to bless and serve even more students on campus.
  • Two non-Christian women are currently exploring Jesus through a GIG with some of our students. Pray that their hearts would be opened to the good news of Jesus, and that our students would be blessed through their investment.
  • Pray for students as they made decisions about next year. Where to live (we are encouraging students to consider intentionally moving to floors with lots of freshmen, to maximise opportunities for outreach), what classes to take, what priorities they will give their time to. Several students are also considering joining our student leadership team. Pray that God would grant these students wisdom and they would choose the best.


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