Thursday, February 09, 2006

SpaceMonger - Great software!

Well, it was inevitable. I'm running out of storage space on my laptop. I've been ripping all our music to our computers, and it was the last straw - I had only 1.5 GB left on my 40GB drive. I know I've got a bunch of stuff I really don't need, but the problem is how to find it. Cleaning off a few megs here and there really doesn't make a dent. Its pretty tedious going through each folder and trying to figure out whats important, and how much space it uses.

Enter SpaceMonger. This is a great little app that goes through your hard drive (or any folder) and graphically displays the contents scaled to size. Each folder or file takes up space on the display propartional to how big it is. This lets you quickly see how your drive is being used, and focus on areas that use the most space, while ignoring things that although they may be unnessesary, really aren't contributing to the problem.

I knew my music was taking a lot of space (about 9GB), but little did I know that I still had a bunch of old video files that I used to create a video for my dad that were taking up almost as much space. Nor did I realize that I had an old video game installed that didn't even work on my laptop which was taking up another GB or so.

After some simple cleanup, I now have over 10 GB free. Thanks SpaceMonger!


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