Friday, February 10, 2006

Way to go Sharon!

Sharon Nichols, one of my old InterVarsity student leaders has gone on to study Egyptology at the University of Memphis. She has always been nuts about Egypt. When she was still a student here at Coe, she went to see the movie The Mummy with her twin sister. During the opening sequence she noticed a factual error with the movie (imagine that...) and yells out loudly to her sister (and the whole theatre): "Five canobic jars!!?? Everyone knows theres only four canobic jars!!"

Well, she is now in Egpyt with a team from her university, and was recently part of an incredibly significant find:
CAIRO, Egypt - The first tomb to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings since King Tut’s in 1922 contains five sarcophagi with mummies, breaking the nearly centurylong belief that there’s nothing more to find in the valley where some of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs were buried...

Congratulations Sharon!!!


In a NYTimes article she is mentioned by name:
The director of the Memphis institute, Dr. Lorelei H. Corcoran, and an Egyptology student, Sharon Nichols, were present with Dr. Shaden when the tomb was discovered, , an assistant director of the institute, Mariam Ayad, said in a telephone interview. They arrived in Egypt in December as part of an annual expedition.


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